Will blogging save my life?

The end of the world?

The week beginning the twenty seventh of April was cool. I did something I’d never done before. Three things in fact! I learnt how to use the self-service payment option in the new supermarket down the road, without having to be rescued by the snooty cashier. After a life-time of swimming badly, I finally had lessons and did the  front crawl, properly. And I signed up for a blog.

Nothing seems to have gone right since then.  Mr. F. has managed to crash (and write off) his fabulous 1968 Mini Cooper S, which he built up painstakingly from scratch. (I recalled sadly, how I had a few days before, been watching him lovingly polish his new twin carburettors on a sheet of newspaper in the living room.) Two beautiful twin carburetors!Mr F has been knocked off his bike and has broken his arm. Friends came up the weekend before last to celebrate Mr. F’s birthday and ended up ill in bed with food-poisoning. (Not from my cooking. I haven’t had time to do more than scramble a few eggs!) School has had an OFSTED inspection, so on Bank Holiday Monday, I found myself joining the other teachers there, in a last minute,  impossible quest – i.e: trying to do lesson plans, displays, paperwork,  in only two hours. I spent the remainder of the week panicking.  Post inspection, Mr. F. got ill too.  So I spent my last bit of energy trying to work up some sympathy.

(to be continued…)

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