Are holidays an excuse to behave badly?

17 Aug

I haven’t done a lot of writing over the last few weeks, but then I have been away. Well, for one week, at least. Got a few things to confess to, I’m afraid, (other than a lack of words.) I’ve been getting into some terrible habits. Have been having extra long breakfasts reading (chick-lit). Have had crisps for lunch! Whole chocolate bars in the afternoon! Half bottles of wine in a couple of hours (not until the evening, I might add.)  Not surprisingly, I’ve put a few pounds back on.  But this isn’t the worst of it. What could be worse? Have I been reading “The Mail” at breakfast? Curry for lunch? Drinking whole bottles of wine in the day? No, no, and no. It’s more terrible than that. A perfect summer read

In a giddy holiday fit sister M and I decided to download John Barrowman singing Barry Manilow’s “Somehow I made it through the rain.”  And if that wasn’t bad enough, I immediately suggested we download the entire album. I kept playing it. Every single flipping day of the holiday. At least once.  I had I realized, heart sinking, grown attached to it. I was sickened. I felt sullied, somehow. I’d always prided myself on my musical taste. Well I had, until that week.

But after finally getting back down to some serious writing this week, has good sense prevailed? Can I simply put it down to a bout of holiday madness? Had I fallen for it in the way some people frantically download the most cheesy dance track simply because they had a fab holiday in Ibiza?

The perfect summer soundtrack, ladies! (And gents.)

Well, there’s no way I can write to it! Though I thought it was a (tackily) cool album to have at playing our barbecue the other weekend. (Mr F. was far from impressed. He found the rhyme “…by the others who, got rained on too”, and the duet with Michael Ball,  two particularly low points.)

You know, I no longer feel so disappointed in myself.  Isn’t summer after all, an excuse for us Brits to let things hang out? Have a bit of fun when the sun is shining? Everyone is allowed to let things slip once in a while. Hey, I feel a song coming on…

“I made it through the rain; I kept my world protected, I made it through the rain, I kept my point of view…”


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