Uber fabulous August

16 Sep

It’s September, which is officially I guess, the end of the summer. Time for some reflection – i.e. get back to some blogging. John Barrowman aside (and the lack of sun!) there have been some uber fabulous August moments.

I’ve managed to complete chapter eighteen and most of chapter nineteen of  “State of my Heart”, which is incredibly cool. They’re two of the darkest chapters so far, but probably the best.Where are they all off to?

Heard the premiere of  the sexy sci-fi romp, Muse’s Uprising. Went full on demented for five minutes in the kitchen, before remembering to check on the tea. (Fortunately, it wasn’t burnt as I’d have been in trouble. It was our anniversary dinner!)

Was also a witness to a very grand spectacle – U2’s 360 degree tour. I’ve never seen a show on such a scale.

Is it from another galaxy?The sound was incredible, (especially when you consider the size of the stadium.) So was the 164 foot “claw” stage. The lights were wild. The spotlights during “City of Blinding Lights” shot up miles into the sky. Best songs, were: City of Blinding Lights (those spotlights!), “I Still Haven’t Found” (was I crying, for goodness sake, in that one?)”Where the Streets Have No Name” (always a winner), the football chant style “Vertigo,” the brilliantly bonkers remix of “Crazy Tonight”. It was no less of a spectacle afterwards to see tens of thousands of folks pouring out and filling the city!

After that I managed to steal away for a week’s cold but thrilling, cycling and camping in Scotland with Mr. F. Got back on my mountain bike after nearly a year – hurrah!  I’d forgotten what true freedom is.  It was cold in Scotland.  But the end of the week the temperature plummeted to 11 degrees (in the day.) But we rounded off the week in style with couple of razzle dazzle nights on the town in Newcastle. What a great city that is! I’m always sad when I leave.

That’s I suppose that’s it, for fun. It’s time to put my nose firmly back to that grind-stone…


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