A Blown Amp and The Obsession of “The Big Six”

14 Oct

glorious!And gorgeous!

After the over excitement about “The Resistance” (during which I managed to blow up the amp) I’ve been brought swiftly down to earth. I’ve got my nose firmly back on that grind stone.  It’s painful!

Think I’m becoming an obsessive.  Have been staring at the computer for so long can barely string two sentences together when I do finally stumble downstairs for some caffeine.  I’m also forgetting who I am again. Ru? Luke? Boy? Girl? Sane or disturbed?

I’m putting together what I call “The Big Six” (chapters), which are the heart of the novel. The heart of “State of my Heart” – ha! These chapters are much darker even than the previous ones. Black as midnight.  What’s to become of Luke?

I’ve given myself until Christmas to get to find out. I don’t know if it’s a good idea. October to December= dark nights + bad weather= trying desperately not to succumb to depression. But I know I have to. This book: HAS TO BE FINISHED!  I’ve been doing it long enough to not want to tell anyone how long.

Wouldn’t it be fab if these chapters had the same effect on people as “The Resistance” had on my amp?  (BTW, it didn’t stay broken for long. A cool guy down the road fixed it for a very reasonable sum. So I can crank up the music LOUD again.)


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