Black or White Christmas?

22 Dec

Only a few days ‘til Christmas. The big question: will it be white?   It could well be.  Is like Dancing on Ice just to get down to the shops. Or maybe it will be black – a bit of a disappointment. There’s always so much hype. After lots of week of manic preparations and running around, it can be hard on the day not to feel let down.

Joy and glad tidings! Aren’t you meant to be wildly happy at this time of year? It has been a bit of a tough run up to the big event.  Spent a good couple of weeks recovering from the flu which has meant am v. behind my dead-line of making Chapter Twenty Six Before Christmas. Lots of my friends seem to be ill or struggling with things.

Haven’t felt much like listening to many happy OTT  seasonal songs so have tried to find some dark, Christmas music to listen to. Is extremely difficult! Christmas  seems to = ridiculously cheesy songs.

The best one I know is by Jeff:

Jeff Buckely: Corpus Christi Carol

And definitely cheesy but I like it (it is sort of melancholy too):

The Cambridge Singers: Oh Holy Night

I s’pose there are some things to look forward to (apart from tons of time with relatives). Two new episodes of Dr Who – sad as they will be David’s very last –  and another new star.  (See top.) Perhaps Christmas won’t be black or white this year, but a very healthy shade of grey.


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