Roller Coaster Life


I’m living a roller coaster existence – when I’m high I’m really high and when I’m low, really low. Except roller coasters are  supposed to be fun.

The last few weeks have been much better though.  There’s been more sun for one thing. M. Cavendish got five stage wins, including the Champs Elysee and narrowly missed a green jersey.

Have discovered an über talented singer-songwriter, the Aussie Matt Corby. His songs have got me through some incredibly stressful weeks.  At one of the most horrible days in work I can remember, played his EP “Song for…”over and over.  Is the only thing that calmed me down enough to get home! (Sad but true.)

Have been regularly waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning happily hung-over (from nights  on the town.)  Went to the fab three day Tramlines music festival in Sheffield, (hence some of those too late nights.) Highlights: sitting in the upper room of a coffee shop listening to The Big Eyes Family Players, a dreamy progressive funk outfit; the Madness style funk of the Elephant Keys.

Evangeline Winterstar, 2010

And am well stuck into chapters thirty one and thirty two. The last part of the novel is a series of letters by a new character Jay. He’s quite wicked at times and challenging – a v. exhilarating person to be.

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