Lazy Summer Days

2 Oct


Summer 2010

Beautiful, brilliantly sparkling Brittany


Brittany Dreaming


Jewel church, Brittany

It’s taken me a long time to get back into things after the summer. I don’t seem to have blogged for a long time. What have I been doing with my time? Quite a lot, actually:
I spent one of the weeks in Brittany. Apart from one of the worst ferry crossings ever – why ever should it take nine hours to get across the channel for heaven’s sake? – we had a fantastic time. The food and drink is some of the best in the world. Where else do you get delicious crusty bead baked fresh every morning? Croissants almost the size of pillows? Galletes (pancakes) like pizza?

We stayed in a huge farmhouse near a medieval town, not far from the sea. The jagged coastline is spectacular in Brittany; on a sunny day the sea is quite literally turquoise and doesn’t look like it can be real – it’s too perfect. It’s a bit like Cornwall but nicer and without the crowds.

After that I spent some time in London, running around doing to much shopping, whilst Mr. F spent time working on a competition with a friend for the Olympic  Games. Tried on some fantastic, ten inch, turquoise, gold metal sandals in Top Shop but didn’t buy them. Feel a bit sad about it now – they were a real work of art. I also spent quite a lot of time in the V and A – I found the splendiferous tea-room a great place to be – a bit of a haven. (Unsurprisingly!) London is a lot of fun, but it’s also exhausting.

The Pelicans in St. James Park – it took two days to discover which London park they were in!

I seemed to spend a lot time stuffing my face – had a fantastic curry on Brick Lane and an equally scrummy Chinese in Soho (the mo-mos were spectacular) and at the end of the holiday went to to this incredible French restaurant to celebrate mum’s birthday.
It has been quite hard after all this, to get back into things in September and also lose some much needed weight!

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