Christmas is Coming and I’m Going Crackers

25 Nov

Six of my best crackers.

November has been good. Don’t know when last said that about a month! I’ve spent most of my time, hidden away, writing like my life depends on it – (Perhaps it does )- and listening to tons of “proper rock”, early Queen, Nirvana, Foo Fighters – Jay’s sorts of things.

Last Saturday, though swapped my uber focused, novel writing introspection for a Christmas – induced state of euphoria. My good friend S. came round early (ish) in the morning, laden with lots of good good things: wrapping paper, party hats, snaps and tiny gifts . No, it wasn’t Christmas come early. We were going to (try) and make our own crackers. The day hadn’t started  too well. I foolishly managed to delete my entire I-Tunes library, whilst trying to make room on my old computer to download some Christmas albums. I told myself not to panic – but it was hard – all my precious downloads and vids and play-lists had completely vanished! Mr. F. saved the day. He noticed they had been dumped in the trash can and re-installed them.

As to the crackers….

We tried using a perforator to serrate the pulling part of the crackers to make it easier to pull – don’t try it, especially if you are using wrapping paper! The paper tore before it was hardly pulled.  We also didn’t tie the ribbon round the end of the crackers securely enough and  the gifts dropped through the too big holes at the end. The glue didn’t stick properly (always use a good pritt-stick and the cutter was too harsh for fine wrapping paper.) The dining room was piled high with rubbish and our mistakes.  Two hours later, we got into our stride. The stove was radiant, the fairy lights alight and fab carols playing:

Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Seven Joys of Mary

We rounded off the day in a proper fashion with some Mulled wine, using sugar and cinnamon sticks, lemon juice and mixed spice, although Mr. F. put brandy in it, so am not sure if  that’s Mulled Wine or Gluwien. It was amazing, anyhow!

How to make Christmas crackers:

Cut a piece of wrapping paper 20 by 30cm. Pritt stick a toilet roll to one side and on the other a cracker snap about 10cm from the edge of the paper.

Put two ends in place to stop your cracker ends from getting creased. Put glue the far side of the cracker snap and roll towards it. Stick the paper into a roll and press well to make sure the glue has adhered.

Make sure the cracker support is at the end of the cracker. Put first finger and thumb between it and the toilet roll and twist paper. Tie with ribbon. Knot twice and tie firmly. You can now fill your cracker at the other end.











Now twist the other end of the cracker, using your first finger and thumb as before. Again, tie tight as you can with ribbon. You can keep the cracker supports in, until Christmas, to stop the ends from getting creased.




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