Rock is Not Dead 11: Foo Fighters

27 May

Love the Foo Fighters new album, “Wasting Light.” It’s definitely one of their best – full throttle, head banging, freak out rock which doesn’t let up  for a second until lump in the throat track, “I Should Have Known.” (Which could well be about K.)

Favourite track: White Limo.

Loved the Foo Fighters film “Back and Forth”.

Best moment(s): The track by track performance of Wasting Light at the end and the candid way each band member opens up about the band and it’s history. (Apparently no-one knew what anyone else said on camera until they all sat down and watched the film together – wonder if they still were talking to each other after wards?)

Loved the Foo Fighters set at Radio One’s 1 Big Weekend. It was in-credible.

Best moment: the blues infused jam in Monkey Wrench.

Love the Foo Fighters! Rock is truly alive and screaming and shaking it’s sweaty long locks.


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