Carpe Diem!

I’ve been back home four weeks now. I’m very glad to be back in my own house with Mr. F.  – who wouldn’t? – but it has been good to have time away. Sometimes it takes something massive to stop you from continuing down a particular road and I desperately needed to stop and take stock of my life.

  And the only way I was going to do that was being in hospital it seems. Once I’ve got the bit between my teeth I’m pretty tenacious. (Mr F’s favourite nickname for me is  Terrier.) So I’ve made some changes to my life – I’ve given up caffeine and am working less hard, finishing earlier and taking more time to appreciate small things like cooking and sketching and am getting out the city more and into the countryside.

I had a horrible test at the hospital last week to check my bowel was OK.  So far the news is good – there is nothing there that shouldn’t be. However, on exactly the same day one of my old, good friends got not such good news about her bowel, she has cancer.

Which sort of puts everything in perspective!  I’ve not been at all ill by comparison.  It’s made me realise how precious every single second of life is. Who knows how much time any of us has left?I don’t want to waste a single moment by being stressed out, too rushed and busy to enjoy anything properly.

I found this super beautiful, chilled out live song by my old Aussie favourite, Matt Corby when I was feeling weak and weird last week and it restored my inner peace:

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