Ignore the News (Bashing the Blues into Submission)

 If you’re feeling even a tiny bit down: don’t go anywhere near a newspaper. They are written for the purpose of spreading as much panic as possible: World War 3; Facebook compiling huge files on all our activities on-line; how easily and cheaply our credit card details can be found and sold; these are only a small selection of the less than joyous stories found in one daily newspaper.

It you must give into the temptation of buying some sort of news publication, skim the headlines with quarter of an eye and concentrate on the sport, arts, motoring sections etc… Better still, bury your head in vacuous but entertaining publications such as Hello and OK! For extra information you could also try watching Russell Howard’s “Good News.” You will be poorly informed about world events. But much more content.

Tune of the Moment: Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus

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