Violet Immortal (RIP Prince)

His Royal Purpleness and Cat c.1988

Hey vio-let bro,
sonic blurring,
mind funk whirring,

guitar spurring,
beaux – 
I think I must love you;
 for my age, I’m too young
 don’t fit in my school;
still I know a star 
 when it’s earth far flung –
 you’ve learned me the notion of cool.

Hi, lavender youth,
 wink me a grin.
Sky spirited
no limited
 guitar guild that light hymn;
 sing high melody prose,
violet peach and rose.
Triksy dip trip-hip,
lofty kick split pose,
your deadliest darndest caper choose.

Dance on royal mate,
 street slick smarting,
flash glow hearting,
ace pro axing
bizzle wizzle, punk twirl
tassle twizzle whip furl,

you fearless easy
 pre Beyoncé girls,
shout too loud new world,

work them celestial drums and keys.

And though later years,
love proved dimming

and paisley poems
seemed no inspiration

of yours my favourites still:
the cheer cavalcade,
twice timed octic raid,

love God geek, text speak,

omnipotent transcendent thrill.

Shut up already,
dude man divine,
so headily,
freak – tatstically,
although your mortal frame
no longer leaps nor lights,
 ‘til the very end,
your songs will be friends,
their lush faiths suspend,
Zion forever, in my life.

Sign o' the Times

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