Life Raft


Fireballs fall from the darkness,
Winking day-glo coloured mischief above our heads,
circling a treacherous dance,
flaunting their alien allurements with daft grace.
Bright-slip, uneasy-glitter,
is their advance,
beguiling with siren speech
to come hither,
and lose face.

For onto the scene cometh
another detonation – night clad, human shaped;
warrior wild, fire man feared,
flame gun fighter formidable, ready to boom.
Vanquished mind, dying mortal,
heed this assault,
each hell born agitation,
he’ll fire upon
and consume.

Bullet punctured, life raft riffs,
weighted with the desolation of betrayal,
heart hi-jack, brain smash, war cries,
rocket flare arias, night shot, to guide us through
and launch us against the foe;
your words unlock
the portals through which we glimpse
ourselves, and heal
us anew.

Sword seer heft, ghost spirit dance,
holy hot shadow romance, take possession bold.
Will us up so far to look
beyond the towering soar of the ceiling crown,
way past the realm of logic,
to the edges of
perception, where no silver
light ship has so
far been bound.

Stay awhile my starlit friend,
fly guy glorious, brother, hyper blissédly*
victorious, traverse the
bow span kaleidoscopic – to you us annex.
Approach quick, the outer rim
the most secret
and unfathomable space
‘twixt this poor world
and the next.

Jet death void be gone – enter
revelation, sun stupendous and supernal,
sparkle steeped flags unfurl in
vindication vast transcendent and eternal.
Combust you celestials -us
in starred light steep;
feelings be rapture full and
freedom uber-

Vain to wish, you’d with us stay;
brute torn we’ve been from heaven’s most almighty squeeze,
so impoverished and grieved.
Yet, if I pause, with head sky turned in stilled silence,
resolute arms up rised and
screwed up eye – I’ll
again enjoy the aweful
affection of
your violence.

* blissed: Similar in meaning to blessed but with an infinite proportion or concentration of bliss.

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