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31 Aug


Winning is sometimes

a stand on the podium

a victory clasp,

a medal or a cup.

But sometimes it means keeping on:

making steps, one foot and then the other;

a refusal to lay down and surrender;

to love and never give up.

Bradley Wiggins Tour of Britain Win 2013




15 Aug

The sun scorches my eyes,
butterflies scatter,
lilacs half in bloom,
sea arriving disco blue;
time, train wheels chug endlessly on,
drawing me away,
further from you.

One day everything will be over,
not just this holiday.
Will I feel brighter then?
Will the sun be more constant –
blissfully unchanging;
eternally antidotal
against unfaithful summers
too soon gone.

February Sky; I love you

9 Mar

Sun tipped rain clouds drift across a frozen February sky;

I smile and remember, I love you.

What is Love?

21 May

It’s May. I’ve been writing fanatically to try and finish “State of My Heart” and have forgotten to blog. I’m turning into some sort of anti-social nutter – I can barely hold a conversation for more than a couple of minutes before zoning out, struggling down from the attic only to eat and shop. (If that.) And it still feels like climbing a mountain, which it is. Around one hundred thousand words to make sense of and make utterly fabmazing. I still need to:

  1. Finish off bad boy Jay’s story + heck he’s complicated.
  2. Put everything together.
  3. Edit it. (All forty two chapters.)

Since SOMH is a lot about obsessive love/hate + since we’ve barely got over Royal Wedding Mania I’ve been pondering that elusive thing, love.  I think:

Love isn’t:

  • Not having to say sorry. A whopper of a lie! If you go through life never apologising you won’t keep any friends for long and end up sad + alone.
  • An endless happy ever after, sugar coated fairy tale like the ending to a Holly or Bolly wood film or Kate and Will’s Wedding with all the bells and whistles. I think lots of people think this and get disappointed when it’s not. Fact: Day to day living is dull. It’s impossible for anything especially another person, to make you blissfully happy day in day out. Everyone is human + has faults. Sometimes the magic has to be worked at – the achievement will be all the greater.

I think love is:

  • Always being ready to see the best in the other person. Ha, ha – easier than it sounds!
  • Making an effort even on the crappest days.
  • Not being quick to throw in the towel. I.e. if you’re lucky enough to be in a long term relationship + going through a difficult times it’s good to keep reminding yourself why you got together + what it was like then.  Being tenacious is good Work through stuff.  Hanging on in there.
  • Not forgetting to still do crazy things + have fun.