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Keep Running (Don’t Give Up)

24 Apr

Gone all out
demon slayer,
whole self sold;

sprinting surely,
streaming smooth –
 hell bam, 
No siren
or notification,
to re-strike, no time   
or to withold.

On the floor,
fiend fighter,
vision skewing,
limbs spilt
Can’t uprise or self utter,
can’t figure what just passed

or what you should have done –
to have cursed,
or mere blamed,
to have ran
or faced, headlong?

Up jump
fiend conqueror,
  wearied, bloodied one
don’t be fooled.

Keep on your
 wily, never quitting scheme,
no mummy for the mud;

slice, brute strike forward
and lynch this disingenuous intimidation,

shifting sorrow to motivation
and shit to jewels.

Fire sword slayer




22 Jan

This month Fearne Cotton and the listeners of Radio 1 put together this encouraging manifesto to help people to stay postitive. It’s certainly puts a smile on my face – January is such a gloomy month!

happiness manifesto

Live More, Think Less. (Bashing the Blues into Submission 3)

19 Feb

 The start of a brand new year is exciting. It’s a great time for looking forward to new things and also for reflecting, to look back over the year that’s gone, consider what went well and what didn’t. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently and I’ve come to the conclusion, whilst it’s good to do some (you do need to do some figuring out where you’re heading next or you’d do nothing exciting)  –  the long, drawn out, ‘what on earth am I doing?’ ‘Where is my life heading’ sort of mulling over things isn’t good. Because at times, life doesn’t always make sense in any rational way. And you can end up with a pretty sore head.

 I’ve made a “Live More” list to remind myself how to live in those grey, introspective times when you can’t see more than a milimetre in front of you.

 How to Live More:

  •  Trust your instinct.
  •  Enjoy every damn freaking moment you have, you don’t know if you’ll be here tomorrow.
  • Look to the future, not the past or you’ll lose today.
  • You’re not the only pebble on the beach – consider others too.
  • Give fear the heave- ho : Live dangerously.

Tune of the Moment:

Justice: Helix

Get Out More! (Bashing the Blues into Submission 2):

15 Dec

So you’re feeling down. A bit anxious, perhaps? Its a grey cold afternoon and it’s pelting down with rain. And you feel things are going down hill like they did a few months ago, i.e you’re getting worried and feeling depressed. A few days ago you and your friends bought some tickets for an extremely exciting club night you’ve been looking forward to for ages but you’re feeling so bad that you’re not going to bother and will stay in the house in front of the T.V. or go to bed. OK?

No! Get your arse upstairs, get showered, put on some slap and your best spangled party stuff and get yourself down to the pub for pre club drinks. And after half an hour or so you’ll find yourself forgetting you were ever feeling depressed but an hour earlier and have a one pretty awesome evening.

Thanks to Redlight and Zane Lowe this was one of the best club nights!

Tune of the moment:

Sub Focus: Falling Down

Ignore the News (Bashing the Blues into Submission 1)

1 Dec

Note to self: if you’re feeling even a tiny bit down: don’t go anywhere near a newspaper. They are written for the purpose of spreading as much panic as possible: World War 3; Facebook compiling huge files on all our activities on-line; how easily and cheaply our credit card details can be found and sold; these are only a small selection of the less than joyous stories found in one daily newsapaper.

It you must give into the temptation of buying some news sort of the above publication, skim the headlines with quarter of an eye and concentrate on the sport, arts, motoring sections etc… Better still, bury your head in vacuous but entertaining publications such as Hello and OK! For extra information you could also try watching Russell Howard’s “Good News.” You will be poorly informed about world events. But much more content.

Tune of the Moment: Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus