Survival Songs

Is impossible to live without music –  I’ve tried it.  Here are a few of my Go To albums, I have on stand by for when the shit really hits the fan. I’ve put whole albums of songs because I think that’s really the best way to appreciate them, as a body of work, rather than single tracks.  If they don’t make you smile/cry/rage/emote perhaps they’ll at least take you out of yourself for a few minutes. Which can only be a good thing. 
  • Jeff Buckley: Grace

 Star Song: Grace




  • Glenn Gould: Goldberg Variations, 1955

Star Song: Variation 4




  • The Distillers - Coral Fang

Star Song: Drain the Blood



  • MattCorbyResolutionEP

Star Song: Evangelist




  • Jimmy - James Rhodes

Star Song: Chaconne in D minor: J.S.Bach, arr by Busoni



  • Nothing But Thieves

Star Song: Itch



  • Justice album

Star Song: One Minute to Midnight




  • Joshua Bell and the Academy of St Martins in the Fields - Beethoven Symphonies 4 and 7

Star Song: Symphony No. 7 in A major, 11 Allegretto




Muse: DronesStar Song: Pyscho










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