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31 Aug


Winning is sometimes

a stand on the podium

a victory clasp,

a medal or a cup.

But sometimes it means keeping on:

making steps, one foot and then the other;

a refusal to lay down and surrender;

to love and never give up.

Bradley Wiggins Tour of Britain Win 2013



Cavendish and Wiggins

3 Nov

Loser today, winner tomorrow.
Photo by Ru

Here’s a picture of Mark I took at the Nottingham to Knowsley stage of the Tour of Britian this year. He didn’t look that happy and I learnt afterwards that he’d just lost out on the stage to Leigh Howard of Orica Green Edge. He was kind enough to sign my tour programme for me, despite me momentarily turning into a dumb, gawping lump.

I happily watched him on TV the next day put this defeat behind him, powering pheonmenally past all the other competitors as if jet propelled, to win the stage.

Years of focus and determination have got Bradley where he is today.

And here’s a picture of Bradley.Things were pretty hectic round the Sky tour bus but he seemed to take it all in his stride, signing as many autographs as he could and smiling and posing for photographs. After the race presentations huge crowds of people appeared; the bus was swamped!

Seeing these two cycle heroes in the flesh was a timely reminder about staying focused. In order to get where they are now, they’ve had to keep believing in themselves, no matter what their critics say or how utterly crap things seem.In short, tune out all the other distractions and persist.