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13 Oct

You stride across storm tossed fields to greet me,
Face elevated by a thousand bolts of neon and a tangerine black sky;
White lit, lofty eyed, voice strangulated into some sick kind of marvel by heaven knows what,
skewering wind, mud and rain to hasten its assault.

Your string missiles, hardly less lethal;
With this thunderclap;
and again,
lives hurled forward,
I think I’m gone,
Strung out, wrung out, prised well loose.
And the rain barely felt, heated at your refrain, like relieved tears, brushes  away the stresses that have fractured my skin.

Push-go,  hurl-thrust, battle bloody persist,
spew savagely forth heart and guts;

lethal armed, incisor sharp, instrument versus voice,
hot blood, new life, mouth to mouth resuscitation,
imperial liquor through each vein and cell,

never was joy like this –
these sublimely spiteful, sacrosanct songs,
towering and
thrusting to the skies,
annihilating whatever shit once was.

On these last crushing chords,
the fiercest screams, hers and mine,
up, up;

crinkle iced eyes melt,
and I’m myself again.
In this wild aftermath,
with these giant smashclaps I pray
I’ll make damn happy hope with them all,
just like you .




Rock is Not Dead 11: Foo Fighters

27 May

Love the Foo Fighters new album, “Wasting Light.” It’s definitely one of their best – full throttle, head banging, freak out rock which doesn’t let up  for a second until lump in the throat track, “I Should Have Known.” (Which could well be about K.)

Favourite track: White Limo.

Loved the Foo Fighters film “Back and Forth”.

Best moment(s): The track by track performance of Wasting Light at the end and the candid way each band member opens up about the band and it’s history. (Apparently no-one knew what anyone else said on camera until they all sat down and watched the film together – wonder if they still were talking to each other after wards?)

Loved the Foo Fighters set at Radio One’s 1 Big Weekend. It was in-credible.

Best moment: the blues infused jam in Monkey Wrench.

Love the Foo Fighters! Rock is truly alive and screaming and shaking it’s sweaty long locks.