Five Fabulous Things

ark Wins, Prima Donna, A Big Ball of Fire, Muse, C. J. With Big Gun

The last few posts seem to have been depressing – far too much introspection and gloom. So I’m going to write about some fabulous events for a change:

1. Pre and post OFSTED retail therapy. (T.K. Maxx, I love you.) But I’d better stop as I’m running out of money.

2. Tickets!  I’ve got tickets to hear some great music over the next few months.  Or rather THE BEST: the premiere of Rufus Wainwright’s opera Prima Donna in Manchester, U2 and, the absolute cherry on the cake, in the autumn am going to see Muse. (Yes, Muse.)

3. Mr. F’s new mountain bike! I think it’s helping him get over his grief of losing Mini. (The fact he’s finally received his redundancy pay, may also have contributed to the fact that he’s been smiling a lot more recently.)

4. The appearance of the sun. How many months have I been up in the attic, suffering from the cold? Hold on there, sun for a few more months. (Until we’ve gone camping in August.)

5. The second part of our OFSTED inspection was outstanding. I’m going put the report in a glorious picture frame and hang it pride of place, over the fire-place.

6. Some fantastic TV. Torchwood is on every night this week. Captain Jack swishing about in his big coat with an enormous gun is enough to put a smile on any girl’s face. And then there’s a whole three weeks of the Tour (De France.)

Sorry, did I say five things? I meant six.

Who knows, there might even be more to come.

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