Chapter Eighteen, Two Tour Victories and a bit of New Muse

What’s this I spot on the horizon?  No…it can’t be…chapter eighteen! According to my (totally erroneous) calculation I should have finished this chapter in March. OK so it hasn’t stopped me from being excited. Unreasonably so. It not only happens to be one of the oldest chapters it’s the “heart” of “The State of My Heart” – ha, ha! It’s awesome. It’s also dark. I have fortunately, found plenty of things to take me out of my scribbling and wake me up to the fact that I am still Ru and not fiendish Luke Joseph.

Our fab guy, Mark C!

Last week was grand, for British cycling. Mark Cavendish seemed to  quickly get over his disagreement with Thor Hushovd and came back, stronger than ever. One amazing hill win at Aubenas on a category two climb and on the Champs Elysée, taking his stage wins to six! Bradley Wiggens, Fourth! Don’t know what the world is coming to. When did we last win anything in The Tour (de) France?

Muse’s fantastically, OTT, “United States of Eurasia” was finally “unlocked”  – no, I don’t understand it either – by some long-suffering fans on their web-site so the whole thing could be heard. What a song!  As it built towards the chorus it sounded like it was going to burst into “We are the Champions.” A bit unnerving, for a former Queen fanatic. But I can’t remember the last time however I listened to rock with as grand as pretensions since 1991, when Freddie (Mercury) died. The Chopin is incredible – a stroke of crazy Bellamy genius.  I found the promo on YouTube, incredibly moving.Muse's forthcoming album

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