Don’t Give Up: There are Plenty of Stars


“Don’t give up.” Was that the last thing I wrote?  Seems a damn blooming stupid thing to have said.  The more I’ve been thinking about it, the more it seems like it’s the right thing to do. Some days you wonder why you bother.  You try your darndest to do and say the right things – but find yourself in a worse mess than when you started.

Well, here are some “stars” that have been helping me through:

Muses’ “Neutron Star Collision” was released last week.  A galloping, OTT slab of pomp rock (not forgetting the Rachmaninovian piano solos)  about the break up of Matt’s relationship with his girlfriend, in the guise of a love song, delegated to a film about a vampire and his underage lover, whose dearest wish is for him to kill her.


I play it over and over again.

Muse: Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)

Last week Muse announced who will support them at Wembley. Wow, triple threat! One band I’ve been desperate to see, but haven’t yet: White Lies. Well that had me jumping up and down ecstatically for a few seconds, at least.

The Glaswegian trio, Biffy Clyro are going to be playing too. Looked them up on My Space and am addicted. How come I’ve not noticed them before?  A vertiginous fusion of monstrous rock, soulfulness and melody -they’ve sort of blown me away.   So I’ve a new favourite band.  Things aren’t that bad really – are they?

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