In Memory of Josh

This beautiful poem is a guest post by my friend Dot, who has just lost her beloved – and beautiful dog, Josh:

I went to the dog’s home
to get me a pet,
when a pup with long legs
jumped in my arms
the minute we met!

Oh no, not you,
you’re not for me,
but the very next Sunday
he came home for tea.

He dug up the plants,
ate my carpet and books
and looked up at me
with his stunning good looks.

But soon he became
a gentle, faithful
and obedient boy,
knew all things were mummy’s
except for his toys.

As the years quickly rolled,
together we grew old,
our trips to seaside and his beloved park,
he was always beside me in the
light and the dark.

When I was ill or feeling down,
he always knew and offered his paw,
as if to say ‘cheer up -
I love you ma.’

It broke my heart to see you die,
we didn't want to say goodbye,
but this I know that in the end
you shall be my
forever friend.

Best Friend Josh

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