Protector Triple 9

“Each time you and I collide, extraordinary things happen…”

In blackest night I’ll come to you,
encircle you with feathered charms;
in direst trouble I’ll bring you
the lush treasures of this man’s arms.

In emergency, nine, nine, nine
your breathless terror, I’ll embrace,
your furious despair transform,
to glitter hearts streaming in space.

I’ll be there in the hurricane, 
your most anxious portions I’ll hold;
my inmost reflections whisper,
sincerest comfort to unfold.

In horror clash my body will
yours envelop and entertain;
in shadow hit talk my fresh lips
soft healing drip, skin through to vein. 

In rejection, I’m here besides,
my heart holding yours still within;
your devastation I’ll restore,
gladdening you with music to win.

In you, spiralling phoenix like,
a new bright constellation, birthed;
 luminosity diffusing,
demolishing misery and hurt.


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