Here’s Looking to 2010

It’s been a long month.  I’ve been too depressed to blog. I hate January. Colds. No money from Christmas. Freezing weather.  I’m in need of a good dose of something.  I’ve looked back the good times of last year.  Will looking forward be a better cure?

OK. So here are some awesome events I’m looking forward to this year:

1. Seeing the sun.  That would be a novelty! I wish I was back in India. (Almost.)

2. Finishing “The State of My Heart” after an unreasonable amount of time. Who thought writing a book could take so long?

3. Seeing Rufus (Wainwright) live for the first time – one of the musicians I’ve always said I have to see before I die. That voice! Those songs! The whacky costumes!

4. Not having to suffer sub zero temperatures when I get out of bed.

5. Muse @ Wembley. What bonkers, visual, super sonic, OTT confection will Mad Matt, Dom and Chris dream up this time? Will there be space ships this time? Aliens? Fans in cages?

6. It’s half term at last! I’m not going to do much this week. Absolute zero. Sweet nothing.


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