Star amongst the rubbish

It’s November. Time for a breather. Have managed to have a whole week off and not do a scrap of writing, which isn’t easy. It’s become something of an addiction. It’s done me good – I feel more human – or more girl-like, at least.

The last six months have been like being on a teeny rowing boat in the middle of a storm – on the top of the waves one minute and thrown down to the depths the next.  It’s been like learning to surf – riding the wave when it appears and relaxing when you tumble into the water and trust you’ll make it to the surface. I can’t say I’ve got the hang of the last of those things yet. But I’m trying.

Even in the most difficult of situations, I’ve found, good stuff happens. Like this star I found when I was sweeping the (very grubby) kitchen floor one morning; it’s small and scratched, but still beautiful:

Small star in dustpan

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